Poll Reveals People’s Pick For The Most Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish

So, Thanksgiving 2015 is a little over a day away, and you haven’t quite finalized your menu. You had every intention of trying out that new side dish recipe that came to you in a dream after a long night of cinnamon whiskey shooters and deconstructed crab dip flights, but it’s starting to look like time constraints and lack of Alba white truffles will prevent you from realizing your vision. Panic is starting to set in as you fumble for ideas. We’ve all been there before, but don’t sweat. Inspiration cometh.

According to the more than 9,700 votes collected by leading crowdsourced ranking destination Ranker, mashed potatoes took the crown for #1 favorite Thanksgiving side dish. The poll included 34 side dishes (along with additions made by voters) and should offer up an idea or two for those of you looking for one more item to bring to the table.
The Most Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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