A Smart See-Through Toaster, McDonald’s Singapore’s Truffle Fries, Bacon-Scented Underwear, and Tokyo’s Bug-Eating Festival

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image credit: Stumpf Studio
Image credit: Stumpf Studios

I See London, I See Perfectly-Browned Toast

Designer James Stumpf of Stumpf Studios has created a toaster of glass and steam-bent bamboo plywood that allows you to avoid burning your toast by being able to watch it brown. Equipped with a touchscreen for users to adjust heat settings, and an accelerated cooling feature that leaves toast the perfect ready-to-grab-and-eat temperature, there is one thing the device won’t do. Don’t look to it for the pop-up feature standard in so many toaster models. This toaster keeps your bread warm and (forgive me, but I have to) “toasty” (yeah, I know, I know) inside until you’re ready for it to join your meal. While my toaster oven has done a yeoman’s job adding warmth and crunch to my bread and bread-like comestibles, I can’t say it wouldn’t be fun to watch this glass model strut its stuff. Plus, the thought of pretending I was toasting bread using my spontaneously awakened heat vision seems too good to pass up.

Via Design Taxi


Image credit: McDonald's Singapore
Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

T’is The Season To Be Potentially Awesome

And the beat goes on as far as fast burger giant McDonald’s continuing strides toward making its restaurant outside the U.S. hipper-than-thou. McDonald’s Singapore has begun serving Truffle Fries. The fries are served with a packet of “truffle-flavored seasoning” and a brown paper bag for you to empty said packet into along with your fries before sealing and giving the bag a vigorous shaking to evenly distribute the seasoning throughout your hot fries. As with most upgrades made to a beloved favorite food item, and as if we couldn’t have predicted as much, reception has been mixed. Also, as with a growing number of cool-and-tasty-sounding food innovations, this one is well beyond my reach as a resident of the U.S. Hey, Ronald: time for your stateside restaurants to up their game. Truffle fries sound amazing and you know it as well as we do. Can a loyal customer of nearly 4 decades get some (truffle-flavored) love?

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Image credit: J&D Foods
Image credit: J&D Foods

Oh, Come Now…

As loath as I am to type, much less utter aloud a phrase like “scented underwear,” I will permit myself to do so this one time. And I’m allowing myself such leeway for the solitary reason that being able to smell like one of the most delicious things on the planet isn’t altogether a bad deal. What I’m saying is, bacon-scented underwear are a thing now. Available for purchase on the website of J&D Foods, the underwear come in size from Small to Extra Large, and are offered up with such sage advice droppings as “If you are hiking in the woods where bears are known to roam, please do not wear Bacon Scented Underwear without also carrying a firearm.” Wisdom is commendable. Bacon-flavored wisdom is all the more to be treasured.

Via Refinery29


Image credit: Togetter
Image credit: Togetter

This Might Bug Some Folks

Even now, years after I first began studying its language and culture, Japan continues to find new ways to mystify me. Its latest salvo comes in the form of an annual festival held in Tokyo’s Tamachi  neighborhood. The event revolves around enjoying a variety of foods featuring insects as a significant ingredient. Serving the likes of stewed hornet larvae shabu shabu, curry with Turkestan cockroaches, and more dishes that place the likes of silkworm pupa and black wasps at center stage, it sounds like quite the opportunity for adventuring foodies. Given that many people believe that insects as a U.S. dietary staples are the future (due to their more sustainable nature compared to certain meat industries), things like this seem less daunting by the day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’d be that eager about the prospect of sitting down to a full plate of such fare; just that for me, going into it with an open mind is a notion that’s got legs. And wings.

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