A $1,000 Beer, A “Human” Cake Screams When Cut, Japanese Chocolate Slices, and An Edible Ugly Christmas Sweater

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Image credit:  Storm Brewing

A $1,000 Storm Brews in Canada

Before reading this, I couldn’t have imagined what could incite me to pay $1,000 for a single bottle of beer. Now that I’m aware it exists, I’m still not sure but I can at least see the appeal, if I were a more avid beer drinker. Storm Brewing is a Vancouver, Canada-based is selling ten 1-liter bottles of Glacial Mammoth Extinction beer, priced at a grand a pop. Why the hefty price tag, you ask? Well, perhaps because the brew boasts an astounding 25% abv and has had the deep freeze put on it to concentrate its flavors by freezing out a good portion of its water, leaving more sugar and alcohol in the mix. Just kidding: a bottle designed by artist Richard Marcus and adorned with a real mammoth tusk pendant justifies the lion’s mammoth’s share of the cost. If having one of these bottles in your home bar isn’t a guaranteed conversation-starter, I don’t know what is.

Via Inside Vancouver

Boston Scream Pie?

Remember all those times you’ve wished for cakes to be shaped like life-sized human beings so you could cut into them just to hear them scream? Chinese bakery Ai Si Wei Ni has heard your cries (or maybe it was the cake’s cries; we’re not sure) and responded by fashioning a cake shaped like a nude man for China’s 1905 Creative Culture Park. Featured with an actor to rest his head at the top of the “body’s” torso and let fly an agonized scream every time it was cut, the cake was designed with realism in mind, right down to its red-pink jam filling mimicking human innards. Can’t help feeling there’s viral hashtag potential here: maybe something like #HowToThoroughlyRuinCakeForEveryoneLikeADamnVillain.

Via Daily Mail UK

Image credit: Bourbon
Image credit: Bourbon

Slice Some Chocolate On Me

Japanese confectioner Bourbon is selling slices of chocolate (a la Kraft Singles individually-wrapped cheese slices) and the variety of ways in which they can be used for recipes lays stretched out before me like the road to forever. Going for about $27.00 USD per 60-slice packages, the slices are made of Japanese “nama” chocolate, with a flavor profile falling somewhere between fudge and milk chocolate. Life just got a bit sweeter and a lot more beautiful, and not only because of the cheeky double entendre that comes with having carte blanche to type a phrase like “chocolate singles” to my heart’s delight.

Via RocketNews24


Image credit: Dr. Oetker
Image credit: Dr. Oetker

You’ll Eat Your Sweater Or Get No Dessert

It’s that time of year again: when fashion sense goes out the window for a time so we can indulge our secret yearning to wear ghastly Christmas-themed sweaters. British baker Juliet Sear recently carried this trend leaps forward by creating a tacky Christmas sweater that one can eat after the holidays (one assumes this was done simply to showcase her mad food styling skills rather than to help the wearer destroy any evidence of its ever having existed.) Using chocolate, marzipan, and frosting as her materials, the talented Sear spent more than 50 hours to bring her vision to tasty, holiday-observing life while wearing her Christmas spirit solidly on her sleeve. And chest. And back. And collar. And…

Via Great Ideas

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