Product Review: Old Orchard 100% Fruit Juices and Cocktail Mixers

Margarita_220_262The weather outside was balmy and uncharacteristically warm this past mid-December weekend. With bright, sunny skies and temperatures that reached as high as 70 degrees beckoning, I had little choice in how to make best use of this unexpected reprieve. So, I did what many people in my position would (and hopefully did do)…

…I brewed throngs of margaritas and fruity drinks and hit my backyard, probably for the last time this year and certainly for the last time this season, with family and friends.

The margarita mix and fruit juices came courtesy of Old Orchard brand concentrates. I sampled its Frozen 100% Orange Juice, 100% Frozen Apple Juice, and its Frozen Margarita Mixer.

applejuicecocktailThe Frozen 100% Apple Juice constituted easily when mixed with cold water per its easy-to-follow instructions. Its taste was clean and light without seeming watery as concentrates do on occasion. It’s a pleasant but not outstanding version of a product we’ve all seen before, though its crisp flavor lends itself to blending in a way that doesn’t let the product get lost in the mix. Spiked with a splash of Calvados and a bit of cinnamon-flavored whiskey, this round of cocktails went over in a big way, however lively apple essence remained at the core of each sip.

orangejuiceThe Frozen 100% Orange Juice performed as well as the apple juice, its juicy citrus sweetness underlaid with tartness one would reasonably expect of an orange juice. Compared to other concentrate-based orange juices I’ve tasted, I was pleased to find this one tasted the least like something that had come from a can. Admittedly I’ve never been much of a fan of canned frozen orange juice due to what I perceived as overt tartness unsupported by sufficient sweetness. Old Orchard’s brand earned points for reminding me more of bite of cold orange on a warm day than any like product I’ve experienced. My cocktails made using this orange juice were kept pretty simple: O.J. and amaretto, O.J. and Limoncello. Not a drop was left at day’s end, which is perhaps the best testament to the popularity of this product.

20151214_232307Tequila being Mrs. Flavorful World’s poison of choice, I had a good feeling about the odds of our enjoying the margaritas. The taste of citrus was on full display in this mixer, though what impressed me most about this product is how pleasant it tastes even served sans added alcohol. This characteristic, one I’d not encountered in other margarita mixers, makes it a refreshing offering to guests who don’t wish to risk inebriation.

applejuiceWith fresh, full flavors and each fruit juice delivering over 100% daily value of vitamin C, Old Orchard brand juice concentrates and mixers are worth a try. They offer up fresh, natural-tasting flavors, they’re inexpensive, and they occupy less space in your refrigerator than the 32- or 64-oz. juice jugs many shoppers favor on their weekly grocery runs. Find out more about old Orchard’s entire line of tasty juices and cocktail mixers at

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