And the Envelope Please! Our World Vision® Coffee Giveaway Winner is Named…

As it goes with all good things, our most recent giveaway has come to an end and a winner has been crowned (figuratively speaking, that is. Difficult as it is to believe, we’re not made of gold laurels and precious jewels…) Our thanks once again to WorldVision for partnering with us to make this giveaway possible.

Latte-Colored Congrats to Joan K. of Stanton, NE!

What’s the best part of waking up?
A free bag of coffee in your cup(board).

As always, we thank everyone who entered our contest, and hope that you’ll keep enjoying our posts and our little gifts. Don’t feel badly if you didn’t win this round. There’s always another giveaway from us right around the corner, so try, try again.

Not convinced? Li’l hint to keep you interested…

…January is National Hot Tea Month. (wink!)

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