A Star Wars Lightsaber Flask, The “Come To The Dark Fried” Burger, “Darth Malt” Beer, and This Chicago Bar Boots SWTFA Spoilers

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Image credit: Insignificant Fish
Image credit: Insignificant Fish Industries

For When Your Thirst Awakens

Generally speaking, when presented with a choice between hearing good news or bad news first (with the understanding that I must hear both, regardless), I choose to listen to the bad news. And although I tend to deliver news in the same fashion, here I will deviate from said habit this one time, to share a bit of good news, followed by bad (or at least not-so-good) news. The good is that Insignificant Fish Industries has crafted a flask modeled after the lightsaber Luke Skywalker wielded in Return of the Jedi. The bad is that it isn’t available for purchase as of this writing. But soon.  Be patient, we must. Stew or stew not. There is no “buy” (yet).

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Image credit: Zombie Burger
Image credit: Zombie Burger

This Wins For “Pal-poutine” Sauce Alone

A social media contest held by Des Moines, Iowa restaurant Zombie Burger to celebrate the release of film Star Wars: The Force Awakens has spawned a Star Wars-themed hamburger called “Come To The Dark Fried.”Featuring punny toppings like C3P-Onion Rings, Chewbacon, and the aforementioned Emperor Pal-poutine Sauce, this is officially my favorite burger created this year that I’ve never tasted.

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Image credit: Brewsrer's Pub
Image credit: Brewsrer’s Pub

Dark (Side) Beer Lovers Rejoice!

The Force is officially awake, and the “Darth Maul Imperial Stout” is flowing freely at Brewster’s Pubs throughout Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. Named for the Star Wars villain with the spiked, demon-like head and face, the 12% abv brew is black, and said to carry strong coffee essences on the palate. While it’s marketed as being “Vader-Approved” (complete with an image of Vader hoisting a full glass toward the heavens, I have as of this writing located no evidence that drinking one will imbue one with any marked proficiency in wielding a double-bladed lightsaber. So as always, please embrace the dark side responsibly.

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Image credit:
Image credit: Darcy Young

Geek Bar Will Boot First

Chicago’s Geek Bar may never have seemed more aptly-named. From now until after Christmas, the establishment has enacted a discussion embargo surrounding any specific events that take place in the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens. This is being done to preserve the joy of discovery for anyone who enters the bar without having seen the movie, by not allowing other people’s conversations about the movie to ruin it for nearby patrons. On the plus side, they’re offering discounts to patrons who show them their movie ticket stubs. While the movie has only been released for a few hours at present, the true test of how stringently the spoiler embargo policy will be enforced awaits this weekend. May the Force be with everyone there.

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