7 Ways to Get More Yogurt Into Your Life

Jylee_yogurtA lot of people have a love-hate relationship with the taste of yogurt, in spite of its health benefits. That’s why a recent article I wrote for YogurtMaker.ca examines ways to dole it into one’s diet in imaginative ways.

Used in place of high-fat ingredients like cream, milk, or shortening, yogurt enhances the flavor of foods to which it is added, without overloading your meals with fat and calories. I pinpoint seven methods of using yogurt when cooking that should please longtime yogurt fans as well as novices looking to try cooking with it for the first time, or even those wanting give it another chance. And we’re talking a lot more than just smoothies.

Click here to learn 7 Ways to Cook With Yogurt (Even if You Don’t Like Yogurt).

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