10 Foods You’ll Want to Prepare in Cast-Iron Cookware From Now On

640px-Cast-Iron-Pan In my adolescence, my grandmother had cast iron cookware than was older than I was at the time. There’s a reason that cast-iron cookery often gets handed down through generations like heirloom jewels.  It lasts like few kitchen items I’ve encountered, and once seasoned properly, has the seeming ability to improve the quality and overall flavor of the food prepared in it.

Whether owed to texture, interior doneness, or better searing capability, the advantages of cooking in cast-iron are undeniable. This is why in a recent article I wrote for Cilantro, The Cooks Shop, I rounded up ten examples of foods that years of personal observation have convinced me simply deliver superior results when prepared in cast-iron cookware.

Check the full article out here and see how many of your favorite dishes made my list of
10 Foods that Just Taste Better Prepared in a Cast-Iron Skillet.

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