Chocolat Frey Finest Assorted Pralines

Image: Anthony Beal /
Image: Anthony Beal /

Having not yet encountered the person to whom Swiss chocolates have ever been an unwelcome sight, imagine my delight when I got approached to review a box of assorted pralines made by Chocolat Frey, a Swiss chocolatier that has earned the distinction of being the #1 chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland. An attractive arrangement from the moment the box is opened, this assortment includes milk, dark, and white chocolates, filling each with the toasted sweetness of hazelnuts, with almond cream and nougat.

In this box, one will find no odious coconut-filled pariah to ignore. There are only the likes of hazelnut gianduja-filled Triangolo (first candy from the left in the image above), and Poésie, with its stracciatella filling and dark and white chocolate accents (second candy from the left, in the same image). I’ve long felt that the mark of a quality candy selection is in the eater being unable to choose a favorite because each offering is so good that individual merits are rendered moot. That maxim applies here. Smooth and somehow light despite the creamy richness apparent on first taste, this would be the perfect way to end a sumptuous meal (Swiss raclette dinner, anyone?) shared with someone special.

Image: Anthony Beal /

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. All over the U.S. and throughout the world, lovers will take a moment to reaffirm their romantic devotion to one another. They will do this with gifts of flowers and food, with wine and spirits and lavish PDAs. And they’ll do it with chocolates. With over 125 years of experience in crafting premium candies, Chocolat Frey would appear to be a trustworthy resource for gifts of fine, quality chocolate this Valentine’s Day or on any occasion that finds you wanting to pamper yourself or someone you love.


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