Product Review: Ergo Chef Pro Series FastEdge™ Knife Sharpener

Reviewer’s Note: Sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Image: Anthony Beal /
Image: Anthony Beal /

In the near future, I have every intention of spending some decent coin to invest in a set of proper chef’s knives that I can love and care for like family members, like extension of my own digits. Until that time (and more importantly, until such time as I should settle upon which set to purchase from among over a dozen contenders), a handy knife sharpener to maintain our current stock of cutting utensils will remain an invaluable resource. One such resource came to us some time ago, courtesy of Ergo Chef.

The Ergo Chef Pro Series FastEdge™ Knife Sharpener has a number of design features that seem at the very least to be well thought-out, and at most, more than deserving of the “ergo” in its name. The sharpener is equipped with a comfortable grip handle that keeps fingers and knuckles well clear of any potential for accidental injury from the pass of a knife blade. A pull-through style sharpener, it has a wide, flat base to stabilize it once it is placed upon a table or countertop, and its design enables one to use it with dexterity, whether right- or left-handed. It features a “Coarse” carbide sharpening surface and a “Fine” honing surface that uses ceramic rods to administer subtleties. These surfaces (also sold as replaceable cartridges) work together to deliver an even 18-degree edge that comes away smooth, with no unsightly nicks or jaggedness.

This product did a fair to good job of revitalizing kitchen steel of varying thickness, from paring blades to heavier steak knives to a Japanese santoku and even an 8–inch meat cleaver. It seemed to perform slightly better with non- and micro-serrated blades than ones with more pronounced or widely-spaced serrations, however I was satisfied with the overall improvement of blade sharpness. Every blade passed through this sharpener came away delivering cleaner cuts that I tested on foods spanning the textural gamut from fresh tomato and citrus fruits to uncooked potatoes, butternut squash and other firm root vegetables. In each case, the act of cutting required me to apply less pressure to the utensil than was necessary beforehand.

The Ergo Chef Pro Series FastEdge™ Knife is unlikely to disappoint anyone seeking a convenient and affordable means of restoring a collection of time-worn kitchen blades to their former glory. Learn more about the product at

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