An Edible Spoon Maker, Mummified Cheese, Seafood Mimosas, and “Butterbeer” Lattes

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.


Spoon Me

For years now, we’ve been cautioned by various media against the folly of allowing single-function appliances and utensils into our home. They take up too much space, can be expensive, and return too little by way of what they can be used for, to be worthwhile in the long run. Having come across the soon-to-be-released Edible Spoon Maker, I officially beg to differ. Capable of baking up to four spoons at a time using ready-made biscuit dough from Pillsbury, Pepperidge Farms, and other brands, it just might be that singular-purpose item that I have indeed been looking for without ever having known I needed it.

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Image: Yimin Yang, Yusheng Liu

Mumm’s the Curd

The phrase “mummified cheese” might sound like so much hyperbole, but in this instance, it is as accurate a descriptor as any for a recent discovery in northwestern China. Unearthed mummies in its Taklamakan Desert were found by German researchers to have deposits of the stuff, believed to pre-date the birth of Jesus Christ, in their necks and chests. As the world’s earliest samples of cheese, the discovery is said to have been preserved by the desert’s dry air and salt-rich soil, along with the burial process used in the region during the Bronze Age, and one theory as to the reason for its presence is that it was perhaps intended for the deceased to eat in the afterlife. Since I’m fairly certain that any cheese-themed wine-pairing reference left here will earn me naught but an exasperated eye roll, feel free to go ahead and compose your own.

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Image: Nectar Wine Bar / Facebook

Drinkable Brunch…On Sticks

As much as I’m only half-sold on mimosas (that is, I like them well enough, but I don’t brunch often, it rarely occurs to me to order one when it appears on a drink menu presented to me) the “Ultimate Mimosa” currently being served at San Antonio’s Nectar Wine Bar & Ale House could make an aficionado out of me. If you’re willing to cough up $28, you too can indulge in its majesty, which includes skewers of several of its brunch menu items. Selected cheeses, muffins, smoked salmon, and half a lobster tail top it off, along with caviar, while serving up an eating/drinking experience that should win you that next round of “Never Have I Ever” hands down.

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I’m Sure It’s Safe for Muggles To Drink Too

Starbucks has released a new Smoked Butterscotch Latte said to taste like Butterbeer, a beverage well-known to fans of the Harry Potter universe. It’s made with smoked butterscotch sauce, milk, and espresso. It’s only here (as in, the U.S. and Canada) for a limited time. It’s already a topic of contention among lovers of Potter and hot caffeinated beverages alike, with some enjoying it and others likening its taste to that of, as one Twitter user put it, “a waste of money and broken dreams.”


At any rate, try it if you dare. Just don’t call it Butterbeer when you ask for it, or derisive barista snorts will sound from here to Hogwarts. And beyond.

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