An Everything Doughnut, Free Pizza for Oscar Nom Name Sharers, Japan’s Cat/Human Snacks, and A Record-Breaking Lamb Roast

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.


A Doughnut For All Seasons

The Everything Doughnut (yes, doughnut, not bagel) wants to be your huckleberry. It wants to be there for you in your hour of greatest (snacktime) need, to be all things to all eaters, but perhaps, mostly to eaters wishing to enjoy a doughnut less sugary than is typical of the sweet, classic treat. We have The Doughnut Project, opened this past October in NYC (where else?) to thank for this latest offering to the world of hybrid dessert that is glazed with sweetened cream cheese before being strewn with poppy seeds, garlic, oven-roasted black sesame seeds, sea salt, and pepitas. I’ll cop to having scoffed at various food chimeras in the past, however this is one I intend to seek out on my next trip home.

Via Gothamist

Image: Pizza Hut / Facebook
Image: Pizza Hut / Facebook

Free Pizza Hut Pizzas in the U.K. On One Condition…

If you’re in the UK and within award-tossing distance of a Pizza Hut this weekend, you can score a free pizza of up to $21.00 value. All you have to do is share the same first name as one of 2016’s British Oscar Award nominees. This one’s for all the Eddies, Kates, and Charlottes out there who up until now, have had little or no success with finagling their first names into free food of any kind. 2016 is going to be your year…

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Image: / necorepublic
Image: / NecoRepublic

YoU Can Haz Cat SnAcks

Reluctance over sharing a bite of your food with your feline companion  seems dsetined to be a thing of the past, if you live in Japan. Neco Republic, a Japanese franchise of cat cafes/pet supply stores, has released onto its shelves a product called Neco Meshi. Because the inherent deliciousness in such a title can only portend good things, it’s not surprising that the product is a snack that’s not just suitable for, but intended for consumption by humans and cats alike. The concept of these shareable salt- and artificial additive-free treats grows less far-fetched when one considers both the big role fish plays in the Japanese diet and the extent to which cats enjoy fish. Finally something to distract our furry friends from coveting our “cheezburgers.”

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Image: NetEase
Image: NetEase

His Backyard BBQs Must Be Legendary

Chef Jiang Linsheng must attract more unsolicited attention when he fires up his backyard grill than one could shake the proverbial stick at. The energetic chef set a Guinness World Record recently for his feat of roasting 216 lambs simultaneously in just two hours. Crowds of onlookers gathered to watch the master do his thing. interestingly, this record is only the latest in a history that includes having roasted 100 pigs and over 130 goats all at once, as well as roasting 2,008 chickens together back in 2007. While I can’t speak to how (or indeed, why) the talented chef does these things, I’m pretty well convinced of who’s the last person on Earth I’d want to face in any kind of competition involving cooking over an open flame.

Via Shanghaiist

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