Food, Drink, Culinary Items Take Gold in 2nd Annual Omotenashi Selection Project

The OMOTENASHI Selection project recognizes original, high-quality products and services designed and produced in Japan, to promote Japanese innovation to the international community.

This year, a total of 90 Japanese products and services were selected from more than 270 applicants, with 23 earning gold prize awards. Among the gold awardees, many nods were given to Japanese food, beverage, and kitchen items including cookware, Japanese sake, confectionery, and a multitude of other award-winning products.

Kamata Knife Shop impressed judges with the exceptional quality of its blades and its commitment to traditional knife sharpening techniques that have been passed down for 3 generations.

The concept of “omotenashi” – an intuitive kind of hospitality that strives to anticipate another’s needs before those needs are voiced – is unique to Japan, and has garnered attention in recent years. OMOTENASHI Selection believes that omotenashi can be expressed not only between people, but also by products or services that bring us joy through the spirit, craftsmanship, and imagination that bring them into being. By supporting the manufacturers and artisans behind the scenes, the project hopes to make omotenashi a household word – in households around the world.

To celebrate the awardees, featured items will be on exhibit and available for purchase during the week-long OMOTENASHI Selection 2016 event held at the Takashimaya Nihombashi store from Wednesday, March 2nd to Tuesday, March 8th.

T Go dry cofnectionery was selected as an “Ultimate, World-Class Souvenir” by the Japan Tourism Agency in 2013.
Wafer-thin, melt-in-your-mouth T Go higashi was selected as an “Ultimate, World-Class Souvenir” by the Japan Tourism Agency in 2013.

See the complete list of 2016 awardees at

About OMOTENASHI Selection

The OMOTENASHI Selection is a project that seeks out Japanese products and services that epitomize the spirit of “omotenashi” and presents them to an international audience. Omotenashi is a word and feeling in Japanese which conveys a sense of great customer service and hospitality; not just welcoming but with a gentle touch to make other people feel special and more comfortable. It is through the spirit of omotenashi that many Japanese products and services aim to enhance the quality of life and this is one of the things that makes Japanese products exceptional.

The project was launched last year by the OMOTENASHI NIPPON Executive Committee. Learn more at


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All images courtesy of Omotenashi Selection 2016

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