Get to Know Garagiste Wines

If you enjoy craft beer because of the unique flavors and creative details in every sip, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll also be a big fan of Garagiste wines. If you haven’t sampled fine craft wines yet, you are in for a treat. Garagiste (pronounced “gar-uh-zheest”) is a French word that refers to independent winemakers who are truly artists. These forward-thinking innovators are so dedicated to the craft that they often work out of their garages or other small settings to create limited quantities of the finest wines. Typically, these winemakers produce only 100 cases of select blends.

While the term Garagiste originated in the Bordeaux region of France, many of today’s creative winemakers who are involved in this movement reside in the United States in Oregon, Washington, and California. When you’re ready to sample craft wine, you’ll find exciting new blends as well as classic, popular varietals among the many Garagiste offerings. None would challenge the notion that winemaking is an art, so it makes sense to give wines born of artisans rather than corporations a try. Gold Medal Wine Club has put together a great infographic on the subject of Garagiste wines, for anyone seeking to learn more about these exciting small batch “vins de garage.” Check it out, then click it to explore some great indie artisan wines.

Garagiste Wines

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