A Song of St. Patrick’s Day Lager-itas and “Morning After Potatoes”

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, and while that spells cause for celebration for alcohol aficionados everywhere, man cannot live by green beer alone. Author of cookbook Food For Friends Linnea Johansson has shared a recipe for a cocktail that brings together the best of beer and mixed drinks in one glass. Serve ’em up and paint it green. Responsibly…

Food For Friends - Lager-ita recipe

…but just in case you do chance to overindulge in libations on the holiday, you’ll welcome the following recipe from Short Order Dad author Robert Rosenthal into your kitchen come breakfast time. A properly made hash brown is a thing of beauty, and a joy until the last crumb is gone. Here’s to making the most of St. Patrick’s Day (and the following morning) with a little help from your recipe-creating friends!

Short Order Dad - Hash Browns recipe

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