Predicting March Madness Brackets with Food?

Shopwell Bracket

How’s this for imaginative? With the NCAA Sweet Sixteen starting tonight, Registered Dietician Lara Felton of mobile nutrition app ShopWell took a unique approach to making picks ahead of tonight’s games. Using regional food specialties unique to each college, she’s compiled an infographic detailing her predictions. In each clash, the victors were determined by which was the healthier menu option once all was said and done. Checkout the lineup below and discover which food emerged the one true champion.

Elite Eight Picks:

  • Maryland – Crab Cakes: Although higher in sodium and fat, a typical dish is 2 crab cakes instead of a rack of ribs so likely a lower calorie choice.
  • Miami – Key Lime Pie: Lower calorie and lower fat choice
  • Duke – Shepherd’s Pie: Higher sodium but has protein and vegetables too.
  • Texas A&M – BBQ Brisket: Both choices are high fat, but brisket is higher protein and “more bang for your nutrition buck.”
  • North Carolina – Pulled Pork Sandwich: Lower fat, lower sodium choice.
  • Notre Dame – Corned Beef: Lower sodium, less processed, and better meat choice.
  • Virginia – Ham Biscuits: Close game, but lower sodium and lower calorie choice.
  • Gonzaga – Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon: Healthy fats and high in protein.

Final Four:

  • Miami – Key Lime Pie: Not fried and it’s a lower fat choice. (Yes, it has sugar.)
  • Duke – Shepherd’s Pie: More balanced dish.
  • Notre Dame – Corned Beef: less processed but still good source of protein.
  • Gonzaga – Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon: Healthier fat and protein choice.

Championship Game:

Gonzaga – Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon: Better all around choice!

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