A Real Chocolate Bar, An Animated “Sausage Party”, Easter Poop Peeps, and Blooming Marshmallows

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: SausagePartyMovie.com
Image: SausagePartyMovie.com

No, Not That Kind of…

Any anime fan will confirm that not all animated films are appropriate for the kiddies. The red band trailer (no, I’m not putting it here) for an upcoming animated film called “Sausage Party” will prove this beyond any doubt. Told from the perspective of a protagonist who happens to be a sentient hot dog, the movie explores what happens when the food items at your local supermarket (all of whom are sentient and whose greatest aspiration is to be chosen to go home with consumers) discover the fate that awaits them all once they arrive in your kitchen. Seth Rogen voices the hot dog, along with a host of other celebrity voice actors playing other foodstuffs. Check it out (sans les enfants) here if you want your perspective on peeling a potato to be forever altered.

Via Foodiggity

Image: Carlsberg Brewery
Image: Carlsberg Brewery

Drunkenly Delicious

Had Willy Wonka been a drinking man, this seems like a concept he would surely have tackled. Famous beer brewer Carlsberg has created a bar (that’s “bar” as in pub or watering hole) crafted entirely out of chocolate, right down to the dartboard and barstools. Devised in celebration of Eater this Sunday (anyone else amazed that it’s here so quickly?), the edible structure occupying a place of honor at Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, England was sculpted from nearly half a metric ton of chocolate over the course of three months.


Via PR Week


Image: Nomageddon
Image: Nomageddon

Sweet, Merciful Crap…

So, we can pretend it wasn’t just a matter of time.

But it really was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?

Emoji-themed food items has been cropping up all over the place lately, so it stands to reason that someone would eventually get around to combining the 3-dimensional capabilities of marshmallow fluff with the visual “aesthetic” of this emoji to create something that probably should be destroyed with fire.  Or perhaps roasted over it before sandwiching the molten result between graham crackers and chocolate slivers like the dessert god (who surely must have a sense of humor) intended.

Via Nomageddon


Dominique Ansel, creator of the cronut, has come up with an inventive way to welcome Spring: with hot chocolate. Or more appropriately, with marshmallow flower blossoms that open and bloom when placed into a cup of hot chocolate. Like most things too flippin’ cool to exist, this isn’t available everywhere; it can only be enjoyed at his new bakery in Tokyo, Japan. Still, watching that bud unfold is strangely soothing. Watch it once, and then go ahead and just try to deny that you want to see it again. You know you do. One can only assume that the inventive Chef Ansel knows too…

Via Business Insider

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