This Nutella-Drizzled Dulce de Leche Haman-sant is the Dessert You Never Knew You Needed

What do you get when you cross the delectable filled pocket cookie known as Hamantaschen with the buttery flakiness of a French croissant? Better question, what do you get when your choice of fillings happens to Dulce de Leche and you finish that bad boy off with a Nutella drizzle?

Why, you get the Haman-sant, a level of dessert transcendence that must be seen to be believed. That’s seen, as in check out the video below that brings you all the details in a neat visual nutshell for how to make it happen in your own kitchen. You can find the full recipe in The Community Table Cookbook on page 49 (Bubbe’s Hamantaschen) & page 310 (Dulce de Leche).

Epic, right? Ready to try it yourself, right? Cool. Go get the book.

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