Maille Mustard Collection les Jardins Secrets des Chefs

Reviewer’s Note: Sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Among lessons I’ve learned since beginning to review products here is that mustard is a many-splendored thing (yes, I know how that sounds, and yes, really). It has been my pleasure, both from a personal learning vantage point and from that of being among the first to share something cool when I find it, to give you the deets on all manner of edible exotica. And while I’ve reviewed a number of sauces and condiments here, inevitably, my attention returns to mustard. With that time of year approaching when enjoying food outdoors, frequently grilled, frequently of that ilk that pairs well with tangy accoutrements, it has done so again.

Maille mustard has released a Spring-themed trio characterized by herbal and vegetal influences of the season. Those for whom yellow and brown are the extent of where mustard can or should go will find much to experiment with here, just as I did. Each of the three samples―Mustard with Carrot and a Hint of Shallots, Mustard with Olives and Herbs de Provence, and Mustard with White Wine, Beet, and a Hint of Honey―has its unique merits in terms of flavor, spice level, and best food pairings. And each variety is one that I would feel comfortable revisiting in the future, with guests as my table.

The Mustard with Carrot and a Hint of Shallots is the sweetest of the three, with the subdued sugar of carrots lurking just beneath the savoriness of the shallots. This paired best with soft cheeses, beef-and-lamb meatballs, and flatbreads, whereas the Olives and Herbs de Provence mustard brought pleasing heat and tangy elements to grilled spiral-sliced chicken-and-apple sausage, deli sub sandwiches, and charcuterie served with veggies and assorted cheeses. A little of this one went a long way, due to its flavor intensity and to its bringing the most peppery heat to the table. The Mustard with White Wine, Beet, and a Hint of Honey, also laced with faint sweetness, seems made for inclusion in recipes for homemade dips, sauces, and salad dressings and adding new layers of flavor to turkey club sandwiches or roasted poultry dishes.

Maille’s imaginative mustards continue to offer me positive tasting experiences built on flavor combinations that never would have occurred to me, but complement one another with skill. Learn more about Maille’s exclusive Collection les Jardins Secrets des Chefs, or get your own set and see how many uses you can find for the wide-ranging flavors gathered therein by clicking here.

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