A Stoner-Themed Restaurant, Durian Pizza, Sushi Burgers, and Sonic’s Instragram-Tailored Milkshakes

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: D'Munchies / Instagram
Image: D’Munchies / Instagram

Where High AF Meets Hungry AF

Australia got a stoner-themed restaurant this week. D’Munchies will serve a menu of select food mashups and assortment snacks inspired by things people might crave after smoking a bowl. Located in Sydney, this potheads’ paradise of pleasingly palatable provisions opens at 4:20 pm, natch, and will feed you gems like the “J-Rizzler Chicken n’ Cheetos Burger” when you need them most. Fast food, junk food, and everything in-between seems to be the order of the day here, and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Or if there is, I’ve forgotten what it was…

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Image: Jamie Fullerton

Smell What Pizza Hut China is Cooking

Not so long ago, Pizza Hut China added a cheese durian pizza to the menu. That’s durian, as in the spiky, larger-than-your-head fruit that when cut, releases a stench so ferocious that the things are routinely banned from being brought into public transportation and hotels. Reception has been as mixed as one would suspect, but the durian pizza appears to be here to stay. A 9-inch pizza with durian flesh baked right into the cheese will set adventurous pizza lovers back a cool 74 yuan ($11.70 USD). Baking the durian is said to result in it growing creamier in texture, and more fragrant. While the latter of those doesn’t seem like the best idea, it’s worth noting that some pizzerias seeking to entice reticent eaters into trying it, are adding bacon to the mix. Take heed, Bacon: I fear your most difficult challenge yet has begun…

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Image: rrmusa / Instagram
Image: RRMussa / Instagram

Fun on a Bun

When is a burger not a burger? Possibly when it’s an assemblage of your usual sushi suspects like raw fish, sweet shrimp, and crabmeat sandwiched between two “buns” made of compressed sticky rice (buns that sometimes get lightly fried to change their texture). Naturally, these photogenic food chimeras are taking Instagram by storm, and spawning Americanized versions that manage to incorporate the occasional beef patty or fried boneless chicken tender. The burgers get topped off things like spicy mayo, pickled ginger, julienne-sliced nori, and other accoutrements aimed at making these burgers cooler than you.

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Sonic’s Rockin’ #SquareShakes at Coachella

Being square just got cool. In fact, it’s gotten downright frosty. At Coachella Music Festival, fast-fooderie SONIC will be selling artfully arranged milkshakes in square-shaped drinking vessels. The alleged rationale for doing this is that Instagram likes square things, therefore, square milkshakes are immediately made more Instragrammable. Whether you agree with that logic or not, the major takeaway here is that they’re doing this for one day only, and that day is April 16th, so get ‘em while they’re cold, and get em’ while they’re square. [Video courtesy of SONIC’s YouTube channel]

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