The Nipyata, Rap Lyric Fortune Cookies, Gold-Wrapped Soft Serve, and Pot Snack Subscription Begins

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.


It’s Raining Booze

Cinco de Mayo’s coming, and everyone loves a festive occasion marked by eating, drinking, and a once-yearly opportunity to whale on a psychedelic party favor with a stick while blindfolded. But because we’re older and wiser now, we know that candy isn’t all there is to be earned by demolishing a piñata. The Nipyata is the pinata’s handsomer, more mature big brother (or its more svelte and worldly sister, depending on your preferred aesthetic). Yes, it’s full of candy, (because you haven’t forgotten how to have fun, have you?) but it’s also filled with tiny bottles of assorted booze for the adults in the room (you are one of the adults in the room, aren’t you?) If so, get one, and get happy this May 5th.

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Image: Cool Material
Image: Cool Material

Yo! Fortune Cookies Rap

What if, instead of enclosing platitudes disguised as pseudo-wisdom in a crispy shell, fortune cookies could bust (paper) rhymes old school? What if those rhymes were every bit as intriguing as any scrap of canned, decidedly-not-Far-Eastern-in-actual-origin philosophical fakery you’re likely to pull from one of those edible oracles? Well, if that happened, then what you’d end up with is the Rap Lyric Fortune Cookie, made by. Serving bite-sized beatitudes in the form of rap lyrics by hip-hop greats like, they seem poised to make the classic game of reading your fortune aloud and tacking on the words “in bed” at the end, much more interesting.

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Image: Instagram / hybb126
Image: Instagram / hybb126

Stay Gold, Stay Cold

Japan is wrapping soft-serve ice cream in gold leafing.

Once again, because it bears repeating: JAPAN. is wrapping. SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM. In GOLD (expletive redacted) LEAFING!

Because raising the bar in all matters related to food, and to desserts in particular, is kind of Japan’s thing. This shining example of cold comfort (food) is available in Kanazawa prefecture, a locale famous for its gold leafing.

Your move, American ice cream manufacturers…

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Image: Nug Run
Image: Nug Run

You’ll Inhale What’s In This Box

A “Nugbox” might not be the tastiest-sounding thing to tuck into the first time you hear the word. And depending on your status as relates to health and well-being, you might not even be eligible to purchase one. But if you are, and you can get past the name, aaaand you live in Sacramento/the San Fran Bay area, then all the medicinal magic dragons you could ever desire can be yours up to 3 times a month, courtesy of Sacramento-based Nug Run. A subscription-based service that delivers boxes of curated terpene-laced snacks (terpenes being strong aromatic compounds found naturally in cannabis) accompanied by two rolled joints and a third elective item (all of them marijuana-themed) sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, remember that thing mentioned a moment ago about being eligible? To get on this train, one needs to produce a medical marijuana recommendation. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but good to know, right?

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