Korean Pizza Flambé, The TomTato, “Anti-Aging” Gin, and Thailand’s Oil-Absorbing Dinnerware

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Great Balls of Fired Pizza!

Conventional wisdom dictates that burning one’s food when cooking is more often than not considered bad form at best. And as with most conventional wisdom, exceptions to the rule are bound to spring up from time to time, if only to remind us all that sometimes the more we learn, the less we know. A pizza sighted in Seoul, Korea and dubbed “The Bomb,” is our most recent discovery of such an exception. Prepared right at your table, the fun begins when a dough bubble with pizza sauce and cheese contained inside is doused with hot oil and set aflame. When an appropriate level of heat and internal gooeyness is reached, your server slices into it and bestows perfect za’ upon one and all. Long way to go for a meal that can be achieved by far simpler means? Sure. Likely to find a more visually entertaining method of making pizza? Not a chance. [Video courtesy of Food Focus YouTube channel]

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Image: Thompson and Morgan
Image: Thompson and Morgan

Ketchup and Fries DO Grow On Trees?

We’ve devoted no small amount of attention to the topic of food chimeras in the past. Whereas our tone has run the gamut from good-natured ribbing to questioning the necessity of an item’s existence, here we’ve come across another unicorn; one that immediately makes perfect sense, at least on paper. The TomTato was engineered by British horticulture enterprise Thompson & Morgan, and is being called the “Ketchup n’ Fries’ plant for its enabling gardeners with limited growing space to raise cherry tomatoes and potatoes from the same plant. Not the first dual-cropping plant from the U.K.-based company, the TomTato was first developed in 2013, It’s now commercially available, and we can only hope that a newly-minted money tree is in the works somewhere as well.

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Image: Warner Leisure Hotels

That Gin Was Wrinkle-Fighting

Our friends at Bompas and Parr do keep life interesting. One of their most recent ventures is called Anti-AGin (Get it? AGIN? Cheeky rascals!) and is distilled with ingestible collagen as well as botanicals said to flout the aging process. We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking Go on. Pull the other one while you’re at it. And while our present skepticism levels rival what we experienced when we heard about the purported orgasm-inducing Hawaiian mushrooms and aphrodisiac vodkas and ice cream, we imagine there are people who’d be more than willing to shell out the £34.99—that’s $50.00 USD—for a bottle (as evidenced by the act that as of this writing, the product is out of stock). To those hopeful hearts, we say “Stay gold, friends. Stay gold.”

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Image: BBDO Bangkok
Image: BBDO Bangkok

Healthy Dishes: A Literal Take

BBDO Bangkok has partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to do something about the negative health effects of the sometimes unhealthy amounts of oil used in preparing delicious, delicious Thai cuisine. The AbsorbPlate is designed in a way that collects excess oil from the foods placed upon it. Capable of catching up to 7 ml (roughly 30 calories) of oil in tiny wells on its surface, the plate is modeled after a sponge in texture. Devised as a way to enable people to eat more healthily without having to go sacrifice enjoying their favorite foods, this is a product whose invention we’re counting as a kindness that further proves that when it comes to food and eating, Thailand only wants us to be happy.

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