Which Wine Goes Best With That Jalapeño Popcorn? An Infographic

I thought I’d seen it all the first time I saw a guide to pairing wine with Halloween candy. I thought it again when the first wine-and-marijuana-pairing caught my eye. At this point in life, I’ve learned better than to ever think I’ve seen all there is of any subject related to food and drink. But when SkinnyPop Popcorn showed us an infographic pairing various popcorn flavors with wine, I had to share it.

I had to.

I felt compelled, because it seemed so attainable; while multiple strains of weed are very much out of my reach at present and inhaling Halloween candy by the fistful expands the ol’ waistline a bit too much, I could sample popcorn and drink wine all weekend every weekend for the foreseeable future, especially with so many highly-anticipated television program season finales on the horizon. With this guide in hand, so can you.
SkinnyPop Wine

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