Raw Cocoa-Snorting, Doughnut Bouquets, Deconstructed Coffee, and A Water Cocktail Bar

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

They’re Cuckoo for Cocoa Huffs

It seems that European clubgoers have determined that snorting lines of raw chocolate can induce “a more natural high” than the usual mind-altering substances we’ve come to know and love. The practice of inhaling raw chocolate is gaining popularity enough that a dance club in Berlin is reported to have forgone serving alcohol altogether in favor of dedicating events to offering it to partygoers. Underscoring that popularity, a Belgian chocolatier has invented a device (said to have been conceived for a 2007 Rolling Stones gala) that enables one to snort the cocoa in powdered form. Available in states from pill to the more radical drink form, the raw cocoa is purported to deliver a boost of energy in the form of an endorphin rush and relaxed muscles. Here’s hoping everyone breathes responsibly.

Via First We Feast

Image: Instagram / @lettucedine
Image: Instagram / @lettucedine

Remember to Give ’em Fresh Water Milk Daily

Floral bouquets are a perfectly acceptable celebrational, observational gift and make a striking visual presence. Doughnuts are delicious and rarely if ever unwelcome at any event they are brought to. Combining these two concepts makes so much sense that on hearing of what the folks at New York City-based  Doughnut Plant are laying down, one struggles to understand how their doughnut bouquets didn’t exist ages ago. With boutiques in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, the franchise has been slinging doughnuts made the the highest quality ingredients since 1994, and these luscious bouquets would seem to suggest that it has no intention of resting on its laurels, no matter how sugar-frosted they may be. With Father’s Day and the end of the school year rocket-sledding our way, these have “gift for dad or grad” written all over them.

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Image: Jamila Rizvi

Coffee Shark Jump in 3…2…1…

For the most part, I think this site has erred on the side of angels with regard to ragging on hipsters. We’re not here to tear anybody down for being who they are, and we certainly aren’t about judging people’s eating- or drinking-based proclivities. Having said that, if the concept of the deconstructed coffee being served out of an anonymous Melbourne, Australia cafe isn’t the ultimate exercise in pretension for its own sake, then I don’t know what is. Order a coffee at this place and what comes to your table is a wooden board outfitted with a spoon and three beakers; one filled with frothed cream, one with hot coffee, and a third with hot water. The idea there is that you mix your own damn cup of joe, according to the precise amounts that you prefer of each component. A more tedious route that this to a cup of coffee might exist, but much in the same manner that a pirate’s chest full of ALF-themed wind-up toys might exist on the dark side of the moon, it seems doubtful.

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Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

The First Cold, Wet One

Famed British department store Selfridges is opening a water cocktail bar later in 2016. The bar, to be located in its accessory hall will offer thirsty shoppers a variety of water options with the intention of allowing them to appreciate each one’s unique characteristics. Designer water is far from a new concept, though one can only wonder what Jeremy Piven thinks of all this.

Or if he’s unavailable, then Ja Rule’s take will suffice.





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