Mortal Kombat Beer, Mac & Cheese Cocktails, Gallery-Worthy Cookies, and an OITNB Diner

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: Global Beverage Traders

Taste…Your Pint…

When Mortal Kombat revolutionized video gameplay more than two decades ago, who would have ever expected its influence to extend into the world of alcoholic beverages? Sound Brewery, based in Poulsbo, Washington knows something that we didn’t  back then, as it has released a trio of beers inspired by characters from the popular game. Raiden Imperial Saison, Sub-Zero Imperial IPA, and Scorpion Imperial Stout are each labeled with the image of their respective character inspiration striking a combat- (sorry, make that Kombat-) ready pose. Raiden’s Belgian-styled beer is said to bring the hops, while the Scorpion-themed brew is chili infused with hints of vanilla. Sub-Zero’s IPA is described as hoppy at it coldest, with less frigid temperatures awakening whispers of malt. Each 22-oz. bottle has an abv ranging between 8% and 8.5%. If you find them, try them and don’t forget to perform some sick finishing moves on your last sip.

Via Beer Street Journal

Image: Above Average
Image: Above Average

Noodle Tipples

Because when one thinks of summer, one thinks of cocktails, and apparently because thoughts of noodles follow closely behind cocktail-based musings, the world now has these. Comedy website Above Average has crafted a series of cocktails perfect for poolside sipping, provided you like your ‘tails with a heavy dose of pasta and cheese-flavored powder. With concoctions like the Mac-tini  (bringing together all the best of gin, vermouth, and Original Kraft Macaroni and Cheese) and the Berry and Cheese Crush (brimming with white wine, berries, mint, and Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese) to choose from, I can’t shake the suspicion that they’re pulling our leg hard on this one. Striking visuals aside, they have to be putting us on, right?


Via Time

Image: Chihiro Ogura / ANTOLPO
Image: Chihiro Ogura / ANTOLPO

Just Look Up “Too Pretty to Eat” in the Dictionary…

The term “Culinary Artist” doesn’t begin to do justice to Japanese artist and baker Chihiro Ogura.  Maybe “Culinary Maestra” or “Culinary Virtuoso.” Whatever title of praise and respect we bestow, it won’t be enough to convey the depth of the well whence her talents spring when it comes to icing sugar cookies in a way that better suits them to gallery displays than dunking in glass of cold milk. Ogura runs ANTOLPO, an independent bakery specializing in creating custom cookies. From Japanese armor to intricately-rendered birds and botanicals, one can only marvel at the masterpieces she’s laying down. Alas, one must live in Japan as of this writing, to take advantage of her artistry, but the fact that something as beautiful as the things she can do is reason enough to smile. And to eat sugar cookies. And to feel completely inferior about my own cookie-icing prowess.

Via My Modern Met

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

Orange is the New Pop-up Restaurant

Runaway television hit “Orange Is The New Black”‘s 4th season is about to hit Netflix. Over Easy, an American-style eatery in Singapore is celebrating this momentous occasion with a pop-up event that will serve gourmet prison food to its customers (yeah, you read that right) while fake prison guards wander the dining room. The meal will come on a plastic tray, unaccompanied by eating utensils of any kind, presumably in case a riot breaks out in the dining room, and resembling a Nutraloaf. A Nutraloaf, for those like me who (up until a few minutes ago) are unacquainted with this particular foodstuff, is a brick of mashed cafeteria leftovers generally served in the joint as a punishment for bad behavior. This version, created by chef /restaurateur Bjorn Shen, will of course be several steps up from what criminals get. The pop-up restaurant’s rendition will retain its brick-like shape, but will count mushrooms, quinoa, nori, and cheddar cheese among its ingredients. Oh, Singapore. Dear, dear Singapore. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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