Restaurant-goers STILL Aren’t Drinking Like They Used To, A New Report Finds

Restaurateurs are probably wishing the Beverage Information Group had more encouraging information for them right about now. It seems that for the third year running, on-premises  alcohol consumption is in decline at dining establishments across the land. Despite an economy on the upswing, beer, wine, and spirits sales dropped last year by the biggest margin so far (granted, this is roughly 2.6%, but still…)

The report, detailed in the Group’s essential alcoholic beverage trend guide the 2016 Cheers On-Premise Handbook was not all doom and gloom, however. While some booze categories fell in 2015 in terms of volume and/or dollar growth, they remained ahead in terms of total sales. Off-premises sales don’t reflect these trends, so people are still drinking, just not restaurants, not like they used to.

As for me, the next time I pull a chair up to a restaurant table, I’ll do so secure in the knowledge that the three-martini lunch I’m ordering is neither an indication of an alarming problem nor a silent cry for professional intervention, but rather my way of doing my part to help an industry near and dear to my heart back onto its feet.

Via PR Newswire

Image: Pixabay

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