These 10 Frozen Treats Will Take You Around the World

Tomorrow’s the first day of August 2016 (can you believe it?) and baby, it’s hot outside! It seems like only yesterday that many of us were wondering when the warm weather would finally settle in to stay. Well, it certainly has done that, and with heat indexes and humidity climbing ever higher over the past couple of weeks, a nice frozen treat has never been more welcome. Depending, however, on where in the world one happens to find oneself, the form that treat takes can vary in some pretty significant ways. This infographic that recently came our way illustrates some of the more popular variations to be found around the globe, and dishes not just on their ingredients, but also the history behind each dessert, along with assorted fun facts.

From the UK to the US, from Italy to India, we have compiled a list of the most popular ice creams around the world. From Kulfi to Gelato, how are they made and what's in them?
Produced by Fairmont
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