A D.J. Pizza Box, Gelato Flexes Some A.I., A Star Wars Cantina Pop-Up, and The Hogwarts Cafe

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Eat Some Discs, Then Spin Some

Pizza Hut UK is offering musically-inclined customers an airtight excuse for getting cheese and tomato sauce all over their turntables (a thing that surely happens more than anyone is willing to admit, right?). For a limited time, Pizza hut will sell its pizza in boxes that unfold into a functioning dual turntable set that connects via Bluetooth to a computer. Complete with pitch and volume controls and cardboard discs that can be “spun” and “scratched” by hand movements, the box allows one to use music-mixing apps to create some audio art. Here’s hoping that at least one mixer will drop some pizza-themed rhymes, as that is one area of the musical landscape that is looking a little barren at present. [Video courtesy of Pizza Hut UK YouTube channel]

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Image: Talenti
Image: Talenti

Ice Cream Meets Love Test

In addition to being equals parts sweet and cool (kinda like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Talenti Gelato will now tell you about yourself. Courtesy of an algorithm created for the purpose, Talenti is offering its faithful customers the opportunity to get “Flavorized”. By feeding all of one’s social media feeds into said algorithm at Flavorize.Us, one can learn one’s personal gelato flavor, selected from nearly 150 million possible options. As if a double scoop of that kind of awesome is required, intrepid souls (ie: those willing to stake all future opinions of their relationships’ worth on a frozen dairy confection) can invite others to meld with their flavor by adding their own data, thereby producing a flavor that best represents the two of them. Not all the flavors are said to be delicious (a detail wherein lies the devil to devour all devils) but to paraphrase popular wisdom, “faint heart never wrought delicious ice cream”, so go ahead an’ spin dat wheel if you think you can take the cold.

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Image: scumandvillainycantina.com/
Image: scumandvillainycantina.com/

A Speakeasy Far, Far Away

It’s being called “The Scum and Villainy Cantina”, not because its clientele have made poor life choices (we trust that they’re a stand-up lot), but because its existence doesn’t appear to have received blessings from the eponymous film franchise owners. Still, the direct design and menu parallels existing between this pop-up establishment and the Mos Eisley Cantina depicted in the film Star Wars are undeniable. Seats at this unofficially themed bar at its secret location can be reserved in two-hour blocks, during which time its website promises “an immersive experience” of the sort that encourages patrons to come dressed in costume. Provided the Empire doesn’t catch wind of it, the cantina could be a good place to be when one’s thirst─be it for cocktails or cosplay─ awakens.

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Image: Hogwarts / Facebook
Image: Hogwarts / Facebook

No Acceptance Letter Required

Potterheads rejoice: a Harry Potter-themed eatery has materialized in Islamabad, Pakistan. Serving fare from the kitchen of Cho Chang, along with the expected housemade Butterbeer, the café is also not a bad place to snag a Nimbus 2000, wizard robe, or other handmade merch to fill up your castle. While it’s true that non-essential foreign travel to Pakistan is at present being advised against by the U.S. State Department, let’s all hope that the café, begun as a labor of love by brothers Hassan and Haider Khan, proves successful enough to outlive the travel advisory. Given Potter fans’ history of enthusiastically supporting their own, this is unlikely to be a problem.

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