Wine Review: 2015 The Dreaming Tree Sauvignon Blanc

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the wine discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

dreamingtreeSBHailing from California’s Sonoma County, this wine represents a new addition to The Dreaming Tree family of sustainably-produced wines born of collaboration between renowned musician Dave Matthews and award-winning winemaker, Sean McKenzie.

At once notable on pouring this middling-bodied wine is the subdued greenish innuendo seeming to keep distance at the edges of its pale yellow hue. That visual joins its quick, potent fragrance to conjure mental flashes of fruit trees grown on sandy soil. The tartness of grapefruit and lime are as pronounced in this wine’s nose as one would encounter upon slicing up a pile of the actual fruit. Stainless steel aging means there’s no aromatic variance to evaluate between the upper and lower rims of the glass, but the notes of kiwi and pineapple and faint mango that rise to accompany the citrus hints when the glass is swirled are engaging enough that the absence of any shift doesn’t disappoint.

To taste this wine is to have one’s palate touched by ephemeral glimpses of lemongrass and parsley that peep from between the grapefruit and kiwi flavors like children playing hide-and-seek amidst tall, grassy notes. These pleasant-but-fleeting glances are there and then gone, the palate’s equivalent of camera flash after-images. Just enough suggestion of sugar tiptoes through its presence upon the palate to temper its marked acidity and mid-high alcohol level. These, together with a quiet flintiness that lingers after it is swallowed, form the backbone of this wine.

Here is a versatile and approachable wine to enjoy as you pull up a front row seat to watch summer start to wind down. It was made for backyard sipping as the savage afternoon heat begins to recede and the stars begin to show themselves overhead. Drink it with soft cheeses, shellfish dishes swimming in butter and garlic, seared seafood meals, grilled vegetables, and leafy salads with citronette dressings. Learn more about this and other available Dreaming Tree wines at

Alcohol: 13.5%

Retail: $15.00


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