Infographic: Budweiser Labor Day Study Reveals Beer and Food Trends

Labor Day is here, and we hope you’re having a blast while taking life easy for a day. For some, that means firing up the grill and loading tasty things onto it until the stars come out. For others, it might mean hitting the pool, the beach, the movie theater, or any of countless other options. Beer giant Budweiser conducted a national study not long ago—The Budweiser Labor Day USA Survey, thank you very much—that explored some of the tough choices that Americans face on this most flag-waving, beer-drinking, and charcoal-grilling end-of-summer holiday. Among said quandaries were decisions like:

  • Barbecuing vs. movie watching
  • Hamburgers vs. hot dogs
  • Domestic (Budweiser) vs. Imported Beer

Based on a representative survey of 2,000 Americans age 21 and older conducted by Learndipity Data Insights, Budweiser asked respondents about their eating, drinking, and leisure plans for Labor Day 2016. This infographic illustrates how the responses shook out regarding what the average American is most likely to be doing, chewing, and boozing on today:



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