The At Home Bar Premium Cocktail Shaker and Jigger Bar Set

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Besides allowing me to indulge for brief periods in every mixology-related James Bond/Mad Men fantasy I’ve ever entertained, the cocktail shaker set I recently received from At Home Bar delivered pleasing results. The set includes a 24 oz. (700 ml) polished stainless steel shaker and double jigger measurer, both dishwasher-safe items. Upon testing the latter of the two against the fluid-ounce scale in the Flavorful World kitchen (a resource that has yet to mislead me), I can attest to the measurement increments engraved on the interior of the jigger being crafted with precision.

As for the shaker, its polished, mirrorlike exterior and rounded lines would cut an impressive figure in any bar collection. Its built-in strainer eliminates the need for any other bar tools, and is designed with holes large enough to let mixed beverages pour freely, though small enough to hold back unwanted ice and ingredient bits. Its 24 oz. capacity grants room enough inside to mix and pour three or four drinks in one shot.


One potential pitfall about which I held particular curiosity before using the shaker was the tendency of shakers constructed from metal to be difficult to disassemble after straining and emptying their contents. This would end up being less of a concern than anticipated, as the components, while providing a secure seal, offered little to no resistance beyond requiring a firm grasp and a twist when it came time to take them apart. The only caveat I can offer is that one should take care to secure the strainer lid on a filled shaker before putting the cap on, as failing to do so resulted in the only instance of leakage from the container, by trapping air inside the shaker (air that normally would have escaped through the strainer holes before I placed the cap), thereby compromising the seal. Having said that, I believe this was due more to my carelessness than to any design flaw, since I’ve experienced no repeat episodes since always taking care that the cap is the last item secured.

This cocktail shaker and double jigger set is as visually-appealing as it is functional and easy to use and clean. Its commercial-grade stainless steel construction and accurate 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, and 2-ounce measurement engravings suggest that this is an item that bar culture novices and die-hards alike will enjoy using for years to come. Readers interested in purchasing or learning more about this item can find it on or at


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