Erection-Sustaining Coffee, Curry & Pizza-Flavored Sherbets, Oreo Hot Chocolate, and Ice Cream Ramen

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Nothin’ Like A Good, Stiff Morning Brew

Before you read any further, be aware that the FDA isn’t quite on board with the product we’re about to talk about. But it exists, and does fall under the umbrella of “food and drink news” that we’ve grown accustomed to talking about without endorsing in any way, so, for better or worse, here goes)

In the jungles of Malaysia grows a variety of coffee beans said to produce an instantaneous erection-sustaining effect. Marketed as an herbal coffee with a long history of usage among the peoples of South America and Asia, this coffee is named, in a funny-because-it’s-true-but-be-careful-what-you-wish-for fashion not lost on this lover of facetious wordplay, Stiff Bull. Said stiffening effect can last as long as three days according to the closed as of this writing Stiff Bull website. If a three-day bender (or three days spent too rigid to bend) sounds more than a little unhealthy, that’s because it is, which is why the FDA is advising against purchasing or consuming the product. Still, I can’t say it isn’t interesting to live in a time when we all get to share the planet with such things.

Via First We Feast

Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

Curry Up That Sherbet!

So you say your sherbet is tasty enough, but it lacks the exotic bite of homemade Thai red curry and comforting, zest of fresh-baked Hawaiian pizza? Industrious food scientists have hear your cries, and their solution is something that must be seen (or perhaps more accurately, tasted) to be believed. A collaboration between takeaway enterprise Just Eat and confectioners Smith & Sinclair has spawned a line of sherbets tasting of everything from Peshwari naan to ketchup. Launched as part of Just Eat’s “Find Your Flavour” campaign, which encourages deviation from your normal eating routine, the line of inventive sherbets is not without sweet courses. “Afters” sherbet flavors include “Turkish Delight” and “Blueberry Pie.” If the savory flavors don’t grab people, who knows? Maybe this sweet-tasting sherbet thing will catch on.

Via The Evening Standard


Letttt The Sunnnn Shiiiine Innnn…

Every so often, things in life just come together in a way that feels preordained. Intelligent design? Surely. Random chance? Perhaps a smattering. Dunkin’ Donuts has set the scene for the latest example of this kind of synchronicity, in the form of an Oreo Hot Chocolate beverage. Bringing the familiar cookies-and-cream flavor staight out of our childhoods and into the future (as opposed to the present because as of this writing, a release date remains undetermined, beyond the brand scheduling it for some time this Fall and/or Winter.

If this doesn’t take pumpkin-spiced everything down a couple of notches, then nothing will.

Via Delish

Image: Eat Me NYC / Instagram
Image: Eat Me NYC / Instagram

Ice Cream? Ramen? Both? Neither?

The Dessert Kitchen is a Greenwich Village, NYC eatery that’s gaining attention for an agar noodle-based sweet being dubbed ‘Ice Cream Ramen’. That the dish contains no literal form of either ice cream or ramen has been dubbed irrelevant by people flipping over its marriage of crushed ice, evaporated milk, and fruit-like cantaloupe and mango with the aforementioned “noodles.” The jelly-like noodles are a translucent blue in color, lending the dessert serious camera appeal. Word has it, it doesn’t taste bad,either.

(Gird your loins, Instagram-averse foodies…gird your loins.)



*Mention of a product, good, or service in a Friday Fourplay posting does not constitute and should not be interpreted as an endorsement either from Anthony Beal or Flavorful World LLC. Vendors are not notified ahead of time that their products/services will be featured, thus Flavorful World will at the time of posting have had no related interactions with said vendors or any sample of their products/services by which to judge them. As such, we have no idea what these vendors are like to work with, or about the quality of their merchandise and are unqualified to vouch for them as reputable. Our Friday Fourplay lists are posted in the spirit of our having come across something that looks and sounds engaging, and thinking that perhaps our readers will think so too; no more, no less. With that in mind, patronize these establishments and vendors at your own risk.


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    Stiff Bull, huh? Had to check the date on your post, just to make sure it is not the April 1st…

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