Oct 11-Nov 30: Eat a Rice Ball, Feed the World

Fun fact: The word onigiri refers to a Japanese rice ball that makes a quick and easily-eaten handheld snack for people on the move.

Bonus Fun fact: World Food Day is October 16th.

Those two items may seem unrelated on first glance, but anyone who’s been coming here for a minute or two knows by now that that’s not how we roll. Watch now,and marvel as the two topics come together in the next paragraph, in a seamless blend of eating and benevolent action…

In observance of the October 16th celebration, charitable organization Table For Two is doing its part to combat world hunger by launching the Onigiri Action campaign, which will run from October 11th to November 30th, 2016. During that span, for every social media posting with hashtag #OnigiriAction of a photo in which an onigiri rice ball appears, the good eggs at Table For Two will pony up five meals to feed starving children in Asia and Africa.

You can take as many snapshots as you like. You can press your own rice balls, or you can buy them by the sackload. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Japan or in Jersey, as long as you’re posting pics like it’s your job (and don’t forget the hashtag!) No social media presence? No problem! You can still support the cause in integral fashion by trotting your photos over to the Onigiri Action website and uploading them directly to the site.

Sounds like an excellent opportunity to do some good in an age as obsessed with cellphone photography as it is with food, so tell your onigiri to smile, and make it happen.

Onigiri Action website: Japanese language

Onigiri Action website: English language

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[Top image: World Food Day Campaign 2016]

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