Today Michelin Unveiled First Selection for 2017 Washington D.C. Restaurant Guide

2017_mi_guide_cover_dc_2Most people who’ve spent some time dining out in the D.C. area will agree that an enriching sense of diversity has long been the strength of Washington’s local culinary scene. Today, world-renowned Michelin restaurant guidebook shared first selection for its 2017 Washington D.C. edition.

Over the last five years the culinary offering has significantly developed in the city, driven by chefs who have travelled, have trained abroad and have enriched their cuisine on their return by incorporating new techniques, new flavours, and new seasonings,” says Michael Ellis, International Director of the Michelin guides. “This gastronomic revival is amplified and supported by the “Mid-Atlantic cuisine” led by young chefs who have decided to take advantage of their terroir and work local products, thereby giving Washington a unique culinary identity.

This first selection includes:

  • 3 restaurants with two stars
  • 9 restaurants with one star
  • 19 restaurants with a Bib Gourmand

With more than 33 cuisine styles represented in the Guide—included among them, for the first time, a restaurant offering Balkan cuisine—the selection reflects the distinctive medley that is the city’s culinary scene. Two-star recipients like Chef Jose Andres’ innovative, tasting menu-based Mini Bar and Chef Aaron Silverman’s Pineapple & Pearls serve up fun, whimsical fare that draws from a rich tapestry of influences as they share the guidebook with impressive one-starred establishments like Blue Duck Tavern, Italian restaurant Masseria,and Japanese restaurant Sushi Taro.

The MICHELIN Guide Washington 2017 is available on the MICHELIN Restaurants US application, and is available in bookstores at $12.95.


The MICHELIN guide

The MICHELIN Guide selects the best restaurants and hotels in the 28 countries it covers. Providing a showcase of gourmet dining around the world, it highlights the culinary dynamism of a country, as well as new trends and emerging young chefs. Creating value for restaurants through the distinctions that it attributes each year, the MICHELIN Guide contributes to the prestige of the local gastronomy, thereby making cities and countries more attractive to tourists.

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