Japan-Flavored Ice Cream, a Free Wine Fountain, FOODsniffer, and Target’s Vertical Farms

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: Haagen Dazs
Image: Häagen Dazs

Japonais Cream

Autumn in Japan is a dazzling affair as known for its evocative Fall fare as it is for changing foliage colors. Dreamy ice cream producer Häagen Dazs has proven once again that it is part of the reason this is true by releasing a new flavor in its Japonais line. Said to embody the flavors of Japan (repped this year by brown sugar, walnut, soy sauce, and sweet red bean paste), this year’s Kurumi Kuromitsu Koshian ice cream is the seventh release in a line that doesn’t necessarily release a new flavor each year. Available for purchase and gleeful consumption beginning on October 18th at 7-Eleven establishments in Japan, it’s a Fall delight that much like the changing of the leaves, will be fleeting at best, so prepare to enjoy it while you can.

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Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

Wine Springs Eternal

A free-to-sip-from red wine fountain has debuted in Abbruzzo, Italy. The benevolent minds at Dora Sarchese vineyard in the town of Caldari di Ortona made the push-button offering available to slake the thirst of passers-by traversing the nearby pilgrimage route to Cammino di San Tommaso. While a free ’round the clock wine fountain might be either the best or worst idea of all time (depending  to a large degree on the drinker’s ability to hold his or her alcohol), the gesture is not an invitation to engage in drunken buffoonery. The vineyard’s Facebook page warns off “louts” and “drunkards” in no uncertain terms.

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Smells Like Double Entendres

Though it might sound like the nickname given to that creepy girl no one wants to sit next to in the employee cafeteria, the FOODsniffer is a device designed to help you ascertain the freshness level of the meat and seafood about to hit your griddle. It links up with a smartphone app in order to save you from eating things best tossed away. The video above is worth repeat viewings just for the reaction shots in a commercial dripping with more lascivious innuendoes than you can shake a FOODsniffer at. [Video courtesy of FOODsniffer YouTube channel]

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Image: Pixabay
Image: Pixabay

The Corn’s as High as the Escalator’s Eye

2017 is poised to be a good year for superhero movies, music festivals, and Target shoppers who fancy country livin’. The retail giant is planning to debut in-store produce growing environments next year that could (eventually) allow customers to personally harvest their leafy greens alongside produce department workers picking fruits and vegetable to fill the shelves. The project, that places Target working in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab as well as design firm Ideo, could one day reap big benefits for farmers and researchers in other areas of agriculture, though for now, it’s just fun to think about one day being able to pop into my local Target store for a box of file folders, tube socks, and a Granny Smith apple that I picked with my own fingers.

Via Business Insider

[Top image: FOODsniffer YouTube channel]

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