Product Review: The Aervana Electric Wine Aerator

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

Any reviewing experience that not only offers me the opportunity to drink wine like it’s my full-time job, but outright necessitates that I do for the sake of accurate product evaluation, can only lead to new and  interesting territory. My time spent experimenting with the Aervana™, a product notable for being the world’s first electric push-button wine aerator, fulfilled that prospect while delivering results that surprised me more than once.

Quick and easy to assemble, and easy to clean after usage, the Aervana is marketed with no small emphasis on its ability to accomplish in seconds a degree of aeration and “opening” that has generally taken a good deal longer. Having tested the device on a range of young, tannic wines from different countries and climates, I’ll admit that it did a better-than-anticipated job of awakening various wine aspects that were less demonstrative before passing through the Aervana.

This is not to say that the results were always perfectly consistent, or that all the wines I tasted were affected in the same manner. In a 2014 Tempranillo that tasted of blackberry and spice, a few seconds of aeration unearthed flavors of fig and baking spices just beneath the surface, though the wine’s aroma was largely unchanged. In a 2014 Old Vine Malbec with a nose full of black and red berries, dispensing a bit through the Aervana drew forth the perfume of vanilla, and cinnamon, impacting the flavor hardly at all. Using the Aervana to massage a 2014 South African Cabernet Sauvignon with grippy tannins and vocal plum and mint aromatics resulted in a glass of wine that sang with emboldened cherry bouquet and refreshed blackberry on the palate. Supporting the revitalized aromas and flavors was a body that felt creamier and fuller. And so it went with as many other wines as I could find, from 2014 red Bourdeaux (whose bod and bouquet reaped the most notable benefits) to young Nebbiolo and Barolo (in which the flavor expressions really came alive).

The Aervana feels like the kind of item that your favorite wine aficionado will enjoy putting through its paces. Much of the item’s appeal as I tested and tasted my way from country to country lie in finding out what characteristic(s) of a wine would be affected and to what degree. Seeing what direction the device would take each new wine in was as much fun to document as it was to taste. And as with many food and drink-themed explorations, getting there is half the fun with this product.

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