Spiced UP Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Chili Sugar

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

It’s that time of year again; our planet has nearly completed yet another trip around the sun, so the hour has come for me to start talking about how “the holiday season” is nearly upon us again. It’s time for me to point out that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away as of this writing (Am I the only one feeling like Halloween was just the day before yesterday?) and turn my thoughts to helping everyone make various aspects of holiday meal planning easier.

spicedupchocchilisugarServing that end, a package of something sweet and hot came to our kitchen not long ago, and its potential applications to your “Afters” courses are many. The product, a sample of Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Chili Sugar, came courtesy of monthly spice box subscription company Spiced UP, and while Spiced UP has created a gorgeous White Chocolate Chili Pumpkin Martini recipe that features this sugar (one received to significant fanfare when we entertained a few weeks ago), its uses don’t end there.

The sugar is blended from French Valrhona Cocoa Powder and Non-GMO Certified Demerara Pure Cane Sugar, with some bourbon barrel-aged chili powder bringing the smoke and the fire. As with the aforementioned cocktail, it performs well as a glass-rimming sugar that will catch eyes and evoke faint heat. The same could be said of using it to rim a mug before filling it with hot cocoa or warm milk with honey (or the edge of a tall glass before adding a freshly-blended milkshake). Dusting homemade cookies or pretzel nuggets, or sprinkling it over a slice of pie topped with whipped cream wouldn’t be a bad way to use it, either. This is the kind of product that is limited only by the imagination of its user, so the more creativity with which one is blessed, the more its already considerable appeal grows.

With holiday menus for family gatherings lining up at the starting gate in the race for our attention, simple touches─the sort that lend a flourish in terms of taste and visuals without requiring heavy prep to produce them─are a welcome thing. A product of this nature can be put to enough uses to make it the star of numerous courses, from appetizers to desserts and coffee. Whether it’s caramelized over a crème brulee, mixed into crumbly cobbler topping, or deployed as a finishing touch applied to a batch of newly-frosted cupcakes, this product can offer a touch of spicy sophistication to your food or beverage in quick order and with minimal fuss.

Learn more about this and other Spiced UP products at www.spicedup.rocks

This article first appeared on FlavorfulWorld.com.

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