Product Review: Two Limited-Edition Fall Truffle-Inspired Maille Mustards

As much as the seasonal food market tends to swell each Autumn, there’s another not-entirely-unrelated niche that always seems to inspire its fair share of creations. I’m talking about limited-edition food and drink items (I’m lookin’ at you, Thanksgiving turkey-flavored soda). Where season’s eatings meets limited quantities, there are certain to be things happening; fast, daring things that creators hope will prove interesting at the very least, and for those insightful enough to capture flavored lightning in a bottle, memorable enough for consumers to want to revisit. We enjoyed an opportunity to explore this when we got tapped recently to sample two Maille mustard truffle-inspired creations for Fall, one of them a limited-edition that’s only in town until the end of 2016.

mailletruffles2Maille’s Black Truffle Cep Mustard is led both in aroma and flavor by the potency of cep mushrooms. Underlying that earthiness is the almost buttery umami-richness of truffle, which together with the faint minerality of the mushrooms, combines to create a tasting experience well-suited to dressing roasted and grilled meats, game birds, and charcuterie, not to mention those post-holiday turkey sandwiches we’ll all be chewing soon enough.

By comparison, Maille’s Black Truffle and Chablis Mustard is a bit pricklier than its companion, in a pleasing way. There’s a subtle, delayed touch of heat just beneath the initial tang of wine and savory impressions of black truffle. Its slightly rougher edges and peppery, more extroverted flavor stand to make it a crucial element of sauces, dressings, and cold salads of pasta and/or seafood. In seeking to distinguish the two, one might say that where the Black Truffle Cep is more the refined, marrying kind, the Black Truffle and Chablis variety, while elegant in its own right, is one to hole up with for an unforgettable weekend in a rented room by the ocean and never speak of what transpires behind closed doors. Each has a lot of appeal, depending on where one wants to go with it.

Maille’s Black Truffle and Cep Mustard is available for purchase until December 31st, and then much like 2016, will be but a memory. The Black Truffle and Chablis Mustard will remain available through next March. Learn more about both these products and others at

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