Selfsgiving: Thanksgiving The Way We All Know It Ought To Be

In a post-election November practically vibrating with waves of uncertainty about the future, some of us can’t take much more stress in our lives. Since the holiday season, for all its joys, is not unlike an unending automated revolving sushi restaurant stream of blue plates “stressials” (stress + specials, natch) anything that offers one an escape hatch from the mania deserves to be evaluated in earnest rather than rejected out of hand. Even if at first glance it might seem a bit…selfish.

In a new episode of the “Doc-Docs” faux-documentary series (based on the New York Times‘ “Op-Docs” series), a woman named Dana makes the courageous decision to forgo the holiday clamor of having friends and family overrun her home this November 24th. She instead opts to observe the special date alone with her food in a holiday dubbed “Selfsgiving.”

Careful, Dana. You’re making too much sense, and some of us have already spent money on personalized place cards. Cut it out.

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