Boozy Tree Decor, Nutella Burgers, A Sushi Bazooka, and a Sriracha Lexus

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: Pickering's Gin
Image: Pickering’s Gin

Hard Candy Liquor Christmas

Scottish distillery Pickering’s is selling Christmas ornaments filled with gin. This is either hilarious or a sign of a problem starting, depending on one’s personal relationship with alcohol, however, we’re choosing to stay positive on this one. The very concept of the attractive glass bulbs is proving so popular that pre-orders are being taken as of this writing.

Personally, methinks someone should work the product into the 12 Days of Christmas song, so there can be at least one gift among those bestowed by “my true love.” that has some modern practicality. Perhaps we could swap it in for the lords a-leaping or the swans a-swimming…

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sweety_con_nutella-0Yes, Technically, This Burger Is Meatless

Because the word “Nutella” and the word “burger” have gone far too long without sharing space in the name of a McDonald’s menu item, the fast food megafranchise is selling Nutella Burgers in its Italy locations. Christened the Sweety con Nutella, the dessert resembles a typical hamburger at first glance, right down to the stripe of brown bisecting its upper and lower halves. But in place of a beef patty lies a slathering of rich, gooey Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread. Its debut has met with mostly positive response, despite the relative ease with which one could duplicate the dessert in one’s own kitchen. Could be worth a detour the next time you pass a McDonald’s restaurant in Italy.

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I’d Have Called It the “Sushizooka”

Because sushi is great, but sushi delivered by bazooka is better. Because who’s gonna pass up the opportunity to operate a flippin’ bazooka? Because there just isn’t enough kitchen gadgetry in one’s life, and sushi-making looks hard. These are some of the reasons people might give for the invention of the Sushezi, a device that purports to simplify the process of rolling sushi making. Whether that’s true or not is for the user to decide, though it certainly is an eye-catching thing with its vaguely sci-fi inspired aesthetic, and watching it in action in its associated instructional video is a little bit of hypnotic. So, there’s at least a small win to be had in any event. It’s the simple things, right?

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This Car’s Hotter Than All of Us

The Los Angeles Auto Show will have a unique animal from today through November 27th. Luxury automobile manufacturer Lexus has created a sriracha-inspired car. A single vehicle. Decked out in the red-with-bright-green-trim motif so familiar to lovers of apocalyptic heat levels in their food. With tongue-in-cheek amenities like temperature controls ranging from “cool” to “sriracha”, it’s a pity the thing isn’t for sale, or at least destined to have brethren rolling down assembly lines in the near future. The trunk of this sedan is even said to be stocked with bottles of “emergency” sriracha sauce. That alone is enough to make me glad this car exists. [Video courtesy of LexusVehicles YouTube channel]

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