Grab This FREE Menu Cookbook Inspired by The “Fantastic Beasts” Movie Release

uhpcbatWizards and Muggles alike will agree that today will be forever remembered as the stuff that fantasies are made of. That’s because J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie opened in theaters today!

In celebration of the long-awaited film, a new, free menu based on the movie has been released — The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents – A Fantastic Beasts & Treats Freemium by Dinah Bucholz (November 2016).

This selection of movie-inspired recipes will satisfy every fan’s sweet tooth as they watch Newt Scamander try to track down billywigs, nifflers, and more. Quick and Easy Peppermint Toads, Treacle Fudge, Crunchy Roaches, and more await between its pages for hungry souls who believe in magic.

Accompanying this freemium is a special video recipe (which you can check out below) for Dinah’s scrumptious egg nog-reminiscent Buttered Beere (for the kiddies, there’s a version you can make with cream soda in place of alcohol). It’s the perfect potable to chug as you prepare to enjoy one of the year’s most anticipated movies!

If you’re looking for more recipes inspired by the world of Harry Potter, don’t forget to check out the full version of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook!


dbDinah Bucholz taught English before working as a copyeditor for a book publisher. A passionate pie baker known for her fine desserts, Bucholz is now a full-time mother to her four children in Philadelphia, PA. Visit her website at


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