Write A Fortune Cookie Fortune for This Museum of Food and Drink Exhibit

In case you missed it, earlier this month, the Museum of Food and Drink (also known in foodie circles as the notorious MOFAD) debuted a unique opportunity for you to set free your inner sage and brighten the day of someone you’ll probably never meet.

But a good deed is its own reward, isn’t it?

Image: mofad.org
Image: mofad.org

Among the museum’s current exhibits is one titled, “Chow: Making The Chinese American Restaurant,” which explores Chinese food’s journey in America, beginning from 1910 and continuing into present day. In concert with the exhibition, the museum has launched Project Fortune, which invites people from every corner of the world to write fortune cookies that will be printed, baked into actual fortune cookies, and served to museum visitors.

So if you’ve ever cracked open a fortune cookie and upon reading your fortune, thought to yourself, “I could do better,” then that knocking sound you just heard? Yeah, that was Opportunity, calling you to put your money where your mouth is.

If you can keep your pearl of wisdom under 80 characters and positive in tone (the museum doesn’t have time to be bothered with fortunes containing offensive, profane, or otherwise trollish messages, thus it will not print such content), then you can Tweet some science to the museum at @mofad using hashtag #ProjectFortune. Or, if you’d rather go straight to the source, you can write your message on the museum website’s Project Fortune page by clicking here.

Just think of it: MOFAD, serving up crunchy wisdom written by you.

Museum of Food and Drink
62 Bayard Street
Brooklyn, NY

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