Your Guide to Pairing Wine With Traditional Holiday Fare

We know. We heard you thinking it, because we were thinking it too, and great minds, and all that business. But all of us were thinking it: If only there were a handy, visually-engaging guide to pairing wines with our holiday courses that begins with breakfast and progresses through the day all the way to your holiday dinner desert courses.

Well, search no more (or, if you hadn’t yet begun searching but had every intention of soon doing so, then search ye not): That guide is go and is shared below, courtesy of our friends at the Daffodil Hotel. This guide has got your seafood, it’s got your game birds, it’s got your red meats and sweets.

No matter what you’re thinking of serving, you’re likely to find a good suggestion or three below, along with an explanation of why it’s a good choice.  It should be noted, also, that it ain’t all about wine, either. Several cocktail suggestions await as well for those who don’t dig on the nectar of the vine but still wanna have a good ol’ time this holiday season. So lean into this guide, raise a glass, pick your poison, and let us know in the Comments section how your selections fared.

 Wine Guide for Christmas
Wine Guide for Christmas by Daffodil Hotel

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