Product Review: Cupcakeology Cake Batter

Reviewer’s Note: A sample of the product discussed here was provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

When a 48 oz. tub of pre-mixed vanilla cake batter arrived in the test kitchen, it offered me an opportunity to do something I don’t do as often as I’d like: bake. That’s “bake”, as in something sweet. And while a great deal of the work was done for me long before I would open the shipping container, I’m still counting the experience as my having made a cake. And several smaller cakes.

Image: Cupcakeology
Image: Cupcakeology

Sent courtesy of Pennsylvania-based Cupcakeology, the batter quantity is sufficient to whip up a two-layer cake or roughly a dozen-and-a-half cupcakes. It goes without saying that having your milk, eggs, flour, and all other standard cake-making ingredients thoroughly blended understates the word “shortcut” by a vast degree. The true appeal of a product like this, other than an end result of delicious cake, is that it reduces not only the time consumption (preparation and subsequent kitchen clean-up aren’t going to handle themselves after all), but the potential for error inherent in the measuring and mixing that have spelled the downfall of many a soul to whom baking does not come naturally. If one is capable of turning on a standard oven and applying a minimal coating of oil and dusting of flour to the inside of a cake pan, then one possesses more than enough baking skill to use this product with success.

As for the cake, while perhaps not the most exceptional I’ve ever tasted if I am to speak with honesty, it is certainly sweet and moist enough to be regarded favorably, and presents a welcome option when time constraints are against you. A finished bake brings with it a firm texture, mouth-watering aromatics, and subtle vanilla essence that makes it a good match for virtually any flavor of frosting, ganache, and the like. The attribute that impressed me most however, was that the cake batter arrived thick and ready to be poured with all its components integrated in full. It experienced none of the ingredient settling that would necessitate extra mixing in a lesser product. Also, an honorable mention goes to the fact Cupcakeology Cake Batter is made without preservatives and can last up to three months refrigerated or up to a year frozen.

This ready-to-bake vanilla cake batter offers the sweet tooth a quick, easy route to a pleasant-tasting dessert that will jump-start a preparer’s creativity, as it lends itself to multiple customization options. This is true in terms of frosting and decorating, as well as ingredient additions, from nuts and dried fruits to flavored extracts and chocolate chips. Cupcakeology Cake Batter is also sold in Red Velvet and Chocolate flavors, presenting even more options to an inspired palate.

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