Chimney Cake, A Hanukkah-Inspired BK Whopper, A Spill-Proof Spoon, and That UltraBeer Thing

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Sweep These Chimneys With a Spoon

“Chimney Cake” is the nickname given to a baked pastry which origins in Hungarian-speaking parts of Romania. A new restaurant in Singapore named Chimney (what else?) has opened and is taking the delicacy to tasty new places. Consisting of yeasty dough that gets hand-wound onto a dowel (to resemble a chimney in shape) before baking over charcoal, the dessert is finding new life at the restaurant, which blends local flavors like salted egg and much-loved sweets like cinnamon sugar and Nutella into creating the pastries, which come in savory as well as sweet varieties. One of its more popular renderings involves filling the freshly-baked cakes with soft serve ice cream, for perhaps the most delicious and eye-catching marriage of hot and cold ever produced. Not to mention that, given the shape of them and the fact that the establishment has released holiday-themed cones fashioned after a certain jolly old elf and his lead reindeer, leaving these out for Santa on Christmas Eve seems less like a bit of fleeting whimsy than an obligation.

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BK’s Burger of Light

As much as it might sound like a well-timed gotcha, burger King Israel’s Facebook swears they’re for real. Starting this December 25th, hungry observers of the Jewish festival of lights known as Hanukkah can sink their teeth into what Burger King has dubbed the “SufganiKing.” The SufganiKing is a version of the franchise’s flagship burger, the Whopper, that trades in a standard bun for two ketchup-filled doughnuts.  The themed burger, which was created with sufganiyah,─a fried, jelly-filled pastry traditionally enjoyed during the holiday─in mind, will remain on menus into the New Year.

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Steady is As Liftware Does

A line of innovative eating utensils created by Verily Life Sciences is making life a bit more manageable for many who are living with a physical disability. The Liftware Level and Liftware Steady are designed with motion-detection sensors that adjust and adapt the position of a jointed handle in response to hand movements and changes in the angle of the holder’s wrist. The result is a virtually spill-proof spoon or fork (the Liftware Steady comes with a fork attachment) certain to be of use to sufferers of medical conditions that complicate acts like lifting a utensil to one’s mouth. The start kit for this product line is available for purchase now, with the Huntington Disease Society of America, to commemorate such a momentous invention, offering visitors to its website the opportunity to apply for one of 1,000 donated Liftware Level Starter Kits.

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The Ultrabeer is an ultrasonic craft beer tool designed to  amplify the taste sensation in your next glass of lager, IPA, and the like. It accomplishes this by sending ultrasonic waves through your brew to “stimulate the bubbles,” thereby creating a micro-foam head that properly expresses the beer’s full breadth of aromatics and flavor. Sounds fun, though we’ll do our best and hope you’ll do yours not to turn into this guy upon starting to use it. Seriously, enjoy your beer and your UltraBeer, but don’t be this guy. [Video courtesy of Third Leg Studios YouTube channel]

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