3D Choco-You Lollies, Nut Hugging Cookies, NYC’s $6 Michelin-Starred Eatery, and Weed-Infused Sports Water

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

Image: Candy Mechanics

You So Sweet

Quick: If you were a candy what kind of candy would you be? It’s cool if you said “chocolate”, because a great many of us would. Of all candies, only chocolate bears the distinction of having its best iterations frequently described as being better than sex. Who wouldn’t want to be considered thus? And if there was a way to improve upon chocolate, it would be dipping it in gold before serving. The geniuses at Candy Mechanics in the UK are doing this, with a twist. Their gold-dipped chocolate lollipops can be fashioned in your three-dimensional likeness, thanks to 3D video capture software. These Lolpops, as they’re being called, are being sold in sets of three for 20 euros, however there’s a caveat: only 500 batches of the lickable likenesses will be made available before Christmas. Best put a wiggle in it if you want to take a bite out of yourself or someone you love.

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Image: Monkey Business

Them Squirrelly Nut Huggers

Despite their blue-sounding description, these little fellas are completely aboveboard in their intentions.

Nuts are good. Hugs are welcome more often than not. The creators of the Nutter Cookie Cutter seem to have reached these conclusions early, as they’ve created a cutter that fashioned squirrel-shaped cookies with outstretched arms that can be folded around the nut of your choice. Available now for pre-order, the adorable critter creators will go on sale in February 2017. That next cookie exchange down at your kid’s school isn’t going to know what hit it.

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Image: TimHoWan.com

Cheap Eats, Michelin-Style

Reason #6723 that I occasionally miss my old stomping grounds: a ridiculously cheap Michelin-starred dim sum joint had its soft open in Manhattan today. For less than $6.00 USD, hungry diners with a taste for the finer things can score a one-starred meal at Tim Ho Wan in the East Village. Its official opening isn’t until January 2017, but the full breadth of its menu is on display, alongside six varieties of hot tea. Six dollars for a Michelin-quality meal isn’t a bad price tag at all, so one can only imagine how far down the block the line waiting to enter this place will stretch in the weeks and months to come. Today, I truly wish I was among that number. One day, NYC…one day soon…

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This Water’s in the Weeds

So there’s a marijuana-infused water being marketed to gym rats as benefiting one’s pre-and post-workout regimen.

No, it doesn’t carry any THC, so it won’t induce any highs.

The product, called EVERx is the latest creation of cannabis-based products company Puration and is said to help soothe athlete aches and pains through its inclusion of the anti-inflammatory CBD (cannabidiol) among its ingredients. Look for this one in 2017. Whether or not you choose to hit the gym beforehand or afterward is up to you. We don’t judge.

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