A Gingerbread Death Star, Nick Offerman’s NYE Countdown, An Inflatable KFC, and Cold-Fighting Coca-Cola

Flavorful World’s Friday Fourplay offers up a bite-sized tidbit of info on each of the four food- and drink-related things we found most interesting each week.

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Long Ago, In a Gingerbread Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Want to experience swift and debilitating gingerbread domicile envy? First, take a look at the gingerbread house you constructed this holiday season. Got it? Okay, good. Now cast a glance at this gingerbread recreation of the Death Star. Yeah, we feel you. No word on how many Stormtrooper lives were sacrificed to construct this behemoth, though this probably isn’t a very good time to be an inhabitant of gingerbread Alderaan.

There is hope, however.

Perhaps this Death Star, like the one it’s modeled after, is equipped with a thermal exhaust port to be exploited by rebellion forces opposed to seeing their galaxy wither under the rule of the Dark Side. It might be a gingerbread Dark Side, but…  y’know…still.

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Tick Tick Tick…Sip

What better way to pass your final hour of 2016 than by settling into a comfy chair with a nice beverage, maybe a little snack, and having Nick Offerman of Parks and Rec fame, stare you right in the soul while he sips single-malt scotch? A partnership between Offerman and British alcoholic beverage company Diageo has spawned this video (feel free to replace the word “video” in this sentence with “apocalypse-level article of face-melting awesome”. We didn’t, because we thought it would take up too much space) of the actor/author/wood craftsman enjoying a glass of Lagavulin right up until the clock strikes midnight. At that point, with NYE revelers dancing in colorful hats and waving sparklers in the background, fireworks light the sky overhead and we’re all treated to the sight of he-who-shall-always-be-Ron-Swanson continuing to do the exact same thing for an additional minute or so before vacating his chair without a single word. Presumably because it’s too early into 2017 for us to have yet earned one. [Video courtesy of My Tales of Whisky Youtube channel ]

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Image: KFC

KFC is Blowin’ Up

An inflatable KFC building opened two days ago in Portland, Oregon.

Yes, for real. Like we could make up something like that.

Note our use of the word “building” (itself a dubious claim for a structure that is essentially a large balloon) and not “restaurant”. This is because the establishment doesn’t actually serve food. While this might seem like a failing for a business like KFC, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since placing a large balloon in close proximity to the intense heat that a deep fryer would generate seems unwise. Foolhardy, even. But patrons who gathered to see what the place was all about didn’t leave empty-handed. The Colonel, along with a flock of his “Chicken carolers”, rewarded all comers with KFC gift cards and inflatable chicken drumsticks. Ahh, the holidays…

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Image: Coca-Cola Japan

Coca-Cola Japan Wants to Make You Hotter

In a move described as “historic”, Coca-Cola is adding a new flavor to its signature recipe. This addition is so unprecedented that the manufacturing giant is whetting everyone’s anticipation with a promotion offering 1,000 participants the chance to win a bottle of the new Coke featuring ginger as a new ingredient. Ginger was chosen because of its being generally regarded as a warming agent, which explains why this limited release is being relegated to the winter months for the time being. While the new beverage will go on sale throughout Japan beginning January 23, 2017, it made its official debut last month in Australia where, in direct contrast to its intended applications in Japan as a drink to combat Winter’s chill, it was marketed billed as a summer thirst quencher (due in part to ginger pairing well with light salads and Asian fusion cuisine eaten during Australia’s warm season). There’s a joke to be made in there somewhere about this product being so hot, it’s cool, or something to that effect. If you’re feeling humorous, feel free to write ‘em and share ‘em in the Comments section.

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