Wine Review: Cinzano Asti DOCG and Cinzano Prosecco DOC

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the wines discussed here were provided to me for reviewing purposes at no cost.

We’re nearly through it; before long, 2016 will, for better or worse, be but a memory. It’s no secret that many people tend to fancy sparkling wines over other beverages during holidays, momentous occasions, and celebratory events. Earlier this month, a pair of bottles arrived here that seemed perfect for holiday season drinking, courtesy of celebrated Italian wine producer Cinzano. Famous for producing Italy’s first sparkling wines, Cinzano has more than 250 years of history crafting wines. For the purposes of this review, we received one 750-ml bottle of Cinzano Asti DOCG, and one of Cinzano Prosecco DOC, and our evaluations were diligent to say the least.

Cinzano Asti DOCG

A pale golden-hued pour made from 100% Moscato grapes, this is a sweet wine that wears its fruity character on its sleeve, both in terms of aromatics and flavor. In addition to a presence of white flowers, its nose recalls candied offerings of mandarins, juicy peach, and faint lychee, a promise that this bouquet fulfills on the palate in the first sip taken, and drizzles it with honey. It displays small, eager bubbles and a thick (if fleeting) mousse, with a potent yet unobtrusive degree of acidity that provides enough tartness to prevent the sugary elements from being so overt that they deflate the wine’s structure. This wine’s finish is playful and lingers, leaving behind ghosts of tangy fruit. This is an excellent wine for enjoying with citrus- or berry-based desserts like mixed fruit tarts, cobblers, and lemon meringue pie.

SRP: $11.99

Alc: 7%

Cinzano Prosecco DOC

This dry sparkling white is a vibrant yellow gold color and displays quick bubbles that give way to an energetic mousse as it gives up fragrant essences of green apples, fresh lemons, and peaches strewn across dewy grass. Crisp, mid-high acidity joins the tartness of apples and citrus on the palate to create a pleasantly bracing sip that not only pairs well with light fare and appetizers such as cold pasta salads, cheeses, and crudités, but holds its own alongside foods with higher fat content, such as charcuterie and pate. Made from 100% Glera grapes, this wine finishes strong, and leaves an impression that is lasting and refined.

SRP: $11.99

Alc: 11%


Having been aware of Cinzano and its products for decades, as well as purchasing them on more occasions than can be counted, I can attest to the consistent high quality of these wines and this producer, and can recommend these wines with honesty and without hesitation. Each lends itself with versatility to serving as an aperitif, a cocktail element, or as accompaniment to meal courses. With a new year dawning in roughly 48 hours, celebrations are imminent and soon enough will erupt across the globe as we all raise a glass to bouncing baby 2017. Whether you’re playing the role of party host or party guest this December 31st, you’d run little risk of being judged poorly for uncorking either of the sparkling wines mentioned here.


[All images courtesy of Cinzano]

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