“Knitting Noodles”, Champagne Pocky, DNA-Tailored Beer, and $220 Truffles Plated on iPads

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Knit One, Curled Noodle

Ramen is a many-splendored thing, despite what little tend to be known outside Japan about its merits. This is changing, though every so often, a new and mind-blowing notion dawns regarding ways to create with it. Talented Singapore multimedia artist Cynthia Delaney Suwito has created an exhibition called “Knitting Noodles,” a title that should grant an inkling as to what she’s doing with the starchy staple. For those of us who can’t be bothered with context clues ‘cause they’re already half in the bag in anticipation of New Year’s Eve tomorrow night, it’s just what it sounds like: Suwito knits a right natty li’l blanket using cooked ramen noodles. She does this with painstaking care. And with, again, noodles. Said to have undertaken the project in hopes of encouraging us all to slow down and be patient in life. That she opts to deliver this message via a food medium more commonly associated with “fast” or “instant” gratification should not be lost on observers, either. Are you listening? [Video courtesy of Cynthia Delaney Suwito YouTube channel]

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Oh, how I wanted to find these were being sold in a slender tube that one could uncork.

Pocky producer Glico has released a New Year’s Eve celebrational version of its popular chocolate-coated cookie rod snacks. Its Champagne Pocky (thus-named because the chocolate coating these crunchy sticks is champagne-flavored and contains an actual 0.1% alcohol) is said to be nearly 1.5 longer than standard Pocky. Seems like a perfectly indulgent choice for ringing in 2017 with some Japanese sweets that combine dessert and bubbly in one article.

One can only wonder, though, what flavor of cheese-flavored snack cracker pairs best with these champagne-inspired treats.

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Beer Is In Their DNA

For £30,000, a British brewery will create a custom beer for you; one that’s tailor-made to grok your DNA and yours alone. Meantime Brewing Company is calling its DNA-matched offering “the world’s most personalized beer,” and is working with personal genetics innovator 23andMe to evaluate hereditary taste receptor trait variations to better understand what makes a person favor or dislike certain flavor influences over others. The end result is an English draft that’s matched to the drinker’s personal taste preferences, although buyers are welcome to weigh in on the proposed beer style in a private consult with the brewmaster. The hefty price tag will buy one the equivalent of nearly 2,000 pints of genetically-matched brew by the time all is done, which should be just about enough to help us all scrub our memories clean of the downer that was 2016.

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Keep Digging

Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant Quince has rolled out a prix-fixe menu that, for $220, serves its second course of white truffle croquettes on an iPad that plays video of a dog searching for truffles.

Gonna, y’know…let you absorb that for a moment.

Okay. Moving on:

So, the video selection, titled “A Dog in Search of Gold” is intended to bring the patron along on an educational and visually-compelling journey from hunting the elusive truffles to the moment of discovery when the water dogs root it from the ground. That bit doesn’t sound like bad viewing, actually; especially not while chewing on truffles just like the ones being sniffed out. Both the price tag and curious plating still have some crying foul over pretentious food trends and figurative sharks jumped, though. And for those who recoiled in horror (like I’ll admit I did) at initial thought of eating food off a surface as germ-prone as a handheld touchscreen computer, the food doesn’t make actual contact with the screen. The iPad is placed inside a wooden holder with a clear sheath through which to view the video.

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