Breckenridge Brewery Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout

Reviewer’s Note: Samples of the beer discussed here were provided at no cost in exchange for my honest review.

Winter isn’t the only recent arrival to our neck of the woods to bring together two favored things that incite people’s passions. In the case of the chilly season, it was holiday festivity and indulgent eating. With regard to the box we received a few days ago, it was beer and chocolate. Breckenridge Brewery sent us a sample of its Nitro Series Chocolate Orange Stout.

Brewed with pure liquid cacao and organic orange zest, this aromatic seasonal brew pours espresso-dark and sends up a bouquet of shaved chocolate and cocoa, with a hint of dark roast coffee beans.  The fragrance of citrus is more furtive, seeming shy in contrast to the more extroverted chocolate aromas, though a swirl of the glass awakens notes of toasted orange peel. Owing to its “nitrogen-charged” nature, this beer products a foamy head that while somewhat ephemeral, displays satin-smooth  texture, and expresses candy and fruit in addition to the subtle nuts and latte one might expect of a traditional stout.

Tasting upholds the promises of chocolate, orange, and coffee carried in its aroma. Joining these are a touch of burnt molasses and orange notes that favor pith over zest. These conspire to provide faint and pleasing bitterness, exuding an elegance that might be lost in a more overtly sweet beverage that lacked them. The result is a versatile brew that’s as easy to drink with desserts featuring chocolate and fruit—think chocolate mousse cake with candied orange peel—or creamy textures like Crème Brûlée and tiramisu, as it is with savory fare like slow roasted pork or chicken in mole sauce (where it plays nicely against the chocolate and cinnamon often found in moles) or citrus-herb roasted chicken. This is a pleasant seasonal brew worth trying if you’re a fan of stout beers whose strengths lie in subtlety.

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